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About Con Moto

Build, grow and excel your business with the latest business, marketing and communication strategies

We also help you avoid common mistakes when building, growing or excelling your business by building a solid business blueprint geared for growth. You’ll learn how to move from personnel dependency to having scalable teams. And become a leader in your market.

our purpose

Empower entrepreneurs, startups and businesses to build, grow and excel their business. 

our vision

Increase our customers’ business success by improving their business model, product market fit and communication.

our mission

To provide strategic business, marketing and communication advice and services.

"We empower entrepreneurs, startups and businesses to build, grow and excel their business."
Amy Cheung
CEO & Co-Founder
Con Moto

Helping you build, Grow and Excel your business

Con Moto is an Italian musical term that means “with movement”. We chose to call our business Con Moto because it sums up exactly what we do. 

We empower entrepreneurs, startups and small/medium-sized companies to build, grow and excel their business forward.

We can help you: 

  • Build your business on the right fundamentals through our business strategy and planning so you have a solid foundation to be profitable and expand as your business grows
  • Grow your business with our marketing and communication strategies whilst fine-tuning your business fundamentals so it can meet the demands of a growing market and more opportunities
  • Excel your business by fine-tuning elements to work more efficiently and achieve better results through our business consulting (including change management), marketing and communication strategies

We do this through strategic business consulting, marketing and communication services.  

If you are an entrepreneur, involved in a startup or manage part of a business, we would love to help you. Connect with us and learn how we can support you through: 

  • Business Consulting
  • New Market Entry 
  • Marketing Services 
  • Strategic Communication Services
  • Coaching and Training

Why Us? 

  • Experience. We’ve worked with startups, small and medium-size businesses and large corporates across multiple industries. We bring this experience to your business.
  • Agility. We have a business structure that allows us to be agile and more responsive to our customers’ needs.
    Personal Service. We take the time to learn and understand your business goals and challenges. We provide a personalised, tailored solution.
  • Integrity and Transparency. We’re in this for your success, and pride ourselves in the advice and service we provide. We keep you posted through each stage of our work.

About co-founders Amy Cheung and Dave Halls 

Amy Cheung and Dave Halls are the founders and directors of Con Moto. Together they have over five decades’ experience working with small, medium and large organisations across various industries. 

In particular: Healthcare, Medical, Agrivoltaics, IT & T,  Education, SaaS, ioT, AI, ML, Fintech,  Government, Digital, not-for-profit and Music industries. They have deep domain expertise in consulting, new market entry, sales and marketing strategies, business communication, business transformation,  training, change management, and music. 

Con Moto Music Services

The Con Moto co-founders are also professional musicians. Besides their main focus in business, marketing and communication consulting, they have the passion to educate the next generation of musicians to advance their musical journey as a professional or hobbyist. Find out more here.