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Communication Services

Is your communication working for you?

Communication is a powerful tool that many businesses fail to use in achieving their objectives. And this costs them BIG time. 

Research shows that companies lose billions of dollars due to poor communication. And many projects fail because of poor communication.

The flip side to this is that when a business embraces communication as a strategic tool for realising their business objectives, success follows.

Tuning your strategy and tactics

Most people in business see communication as part of a checklist from “business 101” school. A senior manager clicks “Send” on a hastily written email and satisfies their self that they’ve now communicated their message. They don’t stop to see if people have read past the first three sentences, let alone opened it.

Our approach is to develop a strategy with communication tactics that help achieve an outcome in line with the business’s overall strategy or plan. Instead of measuring success by the “click” of an email, we measure success by whether the comms achieves the goal.

This means we need to tailor all sorts of things within the message, approach and delivery to ensure we maximise the chances of the right outcome. We won’t choose an approach because “that’s how it’s always done”. We’ll choose it on the basis of whether we can be sure that it will achieve the purpose.

We don't just "fish" but teach you to "fish"

A famous quote reads: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

When it comes to communication advice, we don’t just give you a “fish”, but teach you to fish. But instead of “fish”, we are talking about communication skills.

Con Moto also equips executives and professionals to communicate more effectively in all communication medium, which is based on the university validated Bullseye! communication method by Dave Halls. 

We do this through training and coaching. The Bullseye! communication methodology will revolutionise the way you achieve your business results through getting the right message to the right audience.

How Con Moto can help your communication

Con Moto can support your business communication needs with the following services.

We’ll work with you to develop a communication strategy that supports your business objectives and outcomes. This will include channels that work best for your ideal audiences.

We’ll follow that up with a plan full of tactics that make your communication strategy tangible and measurable. 

We provide professional writing services to suit different business needs.

This includes:

  • Content for your staff intranet
  • Operational documentation, such as processes and user guides to increase efficiency
  • Presentations for senior leaders
  • Marketing copy for external audiences

We use the Bullseye! communication method,  which is our university, validated method for ensuring successful communication outcomes.

We’ll work with you to develop powerful messages that:

  • Align with and support your business strategy or operational plan
  • Resonate with your target audiences
  • Use the best channel for getting your message to the target audience

We provide technical communication services to support people being able to do their job efficiently. 

Typically we write online content but can also develop paper-based material by pdf.

We also look for innovative ways of getting information to end users faster, such as video.

We produce videos to support all sorts of business objectives, such as:

  • Change outcomes
  • Leadership messaging
  • Operational training

We equip leaders, managers and staff in communication skills and techniques based on our university validated Bullseye! communication method.

We do this through a range of coaching, in-house training and online training.
People from all industries have attended our training and coaching sessions. It was also used to train incoming professors at the largest college district in the United States.

Our methodology has been used to train people across all industries. And it was used by the largest college district in the US to training all incoming professors.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve found that many businesses start out strong in one area and use this create momentum.

For example, a business may have a fantastic product that can meet a market need. However, they fall over because they are weak in another supporting area such as marketing.

When working with business, we like to make sure they are strong across all areas – not just one where a founder is typically strong. 

This sets them up for success.

We provide consulting services in:

  • Strategic Management
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • New Market Entry
  • Change Management