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Digital Marketing

What world is your business in?

Most of the world has gone digital, accessing information from smartphones, tablets, desktop computer and even gaming devices. They live in a new “marketplace” that your business needs to operate in.

There’s a a lot to consider when operating the digital marketplace. This ranges from different types of audience, the type of content they consume and how they do this, available platforms, different media (pictures, text, video, audio)…

That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Your business needs to meet your target audience where they sit within that market place and create content that will resonate with them and draw them to your products and services.

We'll help you get known in the digital world

Con Moto offers a comprehensive digital marketing service that helps you navigate and make sense of the digital marketplace.

Our strengths include digital marketing strategy, identifying your ideal customer avatar, articulating your unique value proposition, and establishing a strong online presence that attracts your ideal customers.

We provide a range of digital marketing services including: Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Lead generation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Conversion optimisation, Sales funnel development, Website development, Video marketing and copy writing across different media.

Strategy, tactics and execution...

Besides developing a digital marketing strategy that can get you known in the digital world where your customers hang out, we also have a highly skilled digital marketing team to implement the strategic and tactical initiatives for you. Our digital marketing services include:

We’ll increase your website’s visibility and rankings on google and other search engines. We help you grow your organic website traffic, sales leads and sales. This involves researching your audience to understand how your ideal customer is searching online for the services you provide. We’ll develop the latest SEO game plan, strategies and services to grow your business. 

We’ll work with you to identify the best digital content to help your ideal customer or client learn about your brand, services, products and expertise. 

Digital content can include blogs, videos, infographics, ebooks, checklists, white papers.

We can develop a tailored content marketing plan that outlines what content to produce and how to get it in the hands of the right audience. We can also develop content for you as part of our content development service.

Billions of people around the world are on social media through a variety of social platforms. From Linkedin, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Youtube and others. These are all platforms for you to expand your reach.

We’ll work with you to identify the key platforms your clients and customers use and develop tactics to promote your brand, product or service. 

Video marketing can be very powerful when used to market your product or service – but only when it is done right. Technology has enabled many people and organisations to use video. However, it hasn’t helped them understand the media or the persuasive nature of preparing scripts and images.

We understand the technology of producing a great video, but pride ourselves more in understanding the medium and how people consume a video. This enables us to prepare persuasive copy in a language that works for the right medium.

We can prepare the script and produce the video that is fit for purpose to drive sustainable revenue growth and build your brand.

In the old days it used to be direct response mail and catalogues sent to your physical mailbox. Today, it’s instant emails with copy designed to get your reader to buy a service or product. But there are scientific strategies and tactics that are proven to make email marketing more effective. From the copy you write through to when and how you send it.

We are well versed in the latest strategies and tactics of email marketing and can help you with a successful email marketing campaign to promote your business, services or products in the most appropriate way for your audience.

One of the biggest marketing challenges companies face is attracting prospects to your brand, products , or services. 

Con Moto provides a range of lead generation services to solve this challenge for our clients. We offer email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing services, ATL, BTL, direct mail, and online advertising services.

Besides lead generation, we use the latest proven strategies and tools to convert leads into sales.

We believe happy and satisfied customers are the main reasons a company excels. We use a proven methodology that guides our clients’ customers from one time to repeat customers.

We’ll work with you to develop copy that gets people to take action. We write copy for web, emails, video and even audio. Based on the latest copywriting strategies and drawing from the science of persuasion. 

We develop all sorts of content for our clients to help them attract and communicate value to their customers. As part of content marketing, we design suitable content so that it promotes your brand, products or services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a way of using the internet or an electronic device to get customers interested in your products and services.

There are many digital channels and platforms available to the marketer. However, not all of them work.

Digital marketing involves identifying the best channel for the audience and developing messages and content to attract a client or customer.

A digital marketer will leverage digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

More people operate in the “digital world” than ever before. From surfing the internet to performing most of their activities on smartphones.

People rely on this to find information, seek services and answer common questions. This is the new marketplace.

Any business selling a product or service has to be in the marketplace.  And stand out over the crowd.

We’ll develop a results driven digital marketing strategy, backed by powerful digital marketing campaigns to get you seen by the right people in the digital marketplace.