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How to talk about
your business

How To Talk About Your Business For Success

Create comms that gets leadership, operations and marketing outcomes

Based on the university-validated Bullseye! Method

Con Moto is an official collaboration partner of NSW Small Business Month organised by NSW Government.

As a business owner or leader, you need to talk about your business to different people for a variety of business purposes.

You might talk to customers or clients to attract business, investors to gain funding, or your direct team to motivate them or help them improve operational efficiencies. 

How you talk about your business affects the success of your business. For good …or bad. Research consistently points to poor communication as a common cause for business failure.

Therefore, a critical skill to master is developing a message and delivering it successfully through the right medium to achieve the right business outcome. 

In this webinar, communication expert Dave Halls will show you how to use his university-validated Bullseye Method to develop and deliver compelling messages that support your business outcomes. In areas of leadership, operations and marketing.

You’ll discover a simple but powerful tool to help you talk about your business so that it grows and thrives. 

Webinar Registration

This session has limited numbers, so please register now to reserve your seat. This webinar will run on Thursday 24 March 2022 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm

We’ll email you the webinar link for each session after you have registered. Look out for our email.


Dave Halls

Dave Halls is the Director and Co-Founder of Con Moto

Dave Halls is a communications professional and author of the best-selling book Bullseye! Getting the RIGHT Message to the RIGHT Audience.

Dave has trained and coached thousands of people across corporate, small business and start-up businesses. 

His communication methodology has been university validated and used to train incoming professors at the largest college district in the USA.

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